Indecent Desires is a kinky little love story about a pair of neighbors who become much, much more.

Angela has always admired her neighbor, Nate, but her interest is piqued even more when she spies him delivering an over-the-knee spanking to a pretty lady. Her curiosity doesn’t go unnoticed, however, and the following day, Nate invites her over for a better look—and some well-deserved punishment of her own. She soon realizes the price of peeping on your neighbor—especially when he’s a Dom.

Angela’s introduction to spanking and submission turns her world upside down, and she finds herself falling for the man who has finally given her the type of loving that she needs. Can their kinky fling turn into a meaningful relationship? Only if she’s willing to surrender every bit of herself, including her virgin ass.

Angela knows there’s no turning back; in order to sate her carnal cravings, she has no choice but to submit.

Indecent Desires is an 11,150 word erotic novella that contains over-the-knee spanking, a girl/girl/boy ménage, voyeurism, oral and anal sex. This explicit erotic story is for adults only!

Indecent Desires (Kindle Edition)
Indecent Desires (Nook/Barnes & Noble)
Indecent Desires (Smashwords)
Indecent Desires (Paperback)

In Sweet Tooth: A Tasty Tale of Sex and Cupcakes a street smart woman meets her match in a deliciously dominant femme, with thoroughly satisfying results.

This tale of lesbian lust contains an explicit girl/girl encounter, including oral sex, anal penetration—and a creative use of buttercream frosting. Sweet Tooth is 3,000 words long and was previously published in Best Lesbian Erotica 2010. This short story is for adults only.

Sweet Tooth (Kindle Edition)
Sweet Tooth (Smashwords)
Sweet Tooth (Barnes and Noble/Nook)

Find my short stories in the following anthologies:

Digita Publications

Bent Over His Desk: Hot Office Kink is a super-sexy book about outrageous office sexploits. If you've ever fantasized about having sex at work, and enjoy dirty short stories, you'll love this collection.

This book was a true collaborative effort. I'm honored to have the chance to work with such talented people. Publishing expertise aside, they're all good, smart folks with integrity—as well as off-the-charts smut-writing skills!

Released by hot independent publisher Digita Pub, headed by the amazing Violet Blue, and edited by Alison Tyler, this book has a stellar lineup:

On the Sly by Sommer Marsden
Peach-Colored Panties by Thomas S. Roche
Too Strong To Break by Sophia Valenti
Morning, Noon, and Nighty by Alison Tyler
Surrender by Sophia Valenti
The Silent Danger of Paper by Sommer Marsden
Cast of Three by Emilie Paris
The Suit and the Princess by Dante Davidson
On the Mend by Sophia Valenti
Eleven O'Clock Deadline by Thomas S. Roche
A Real Page-Turner by Alison Tyler

Bent Over His Desk: Hot Office Kink can be found at Amazon to Kink up your Kindle!

Pretty Things Press

Happily Ever Anal, erotic anal romance. Because everyone deserves to be happy in the end.

Once upon a time, five erotic authors joined forces to pen a book of stories about “ass sex.” Kiss My Ass was our first collection, and the positive response knocked us on our… well, you get the picture.

We followed up with Bad Ass and Smart Ass, filling a need for this particular naughty niche with stories that weren’t afraid to bend over and part their pages.

But now we’ve decided to delve into delicious new territory—the stuff fairy tales are made of—erotically charged romantic stories, each with a “happily ever anal.”

We hope that you enjoy our happy endings as much as we delighted in writing them.

Smart Ass, Bad Ass, Kiss My Ass: The Trilogy takes three volumes of the best-selling Pretty Things Press anal sex erotica books and puts them in one kinky collection at a special price. It's like getting three Kindle books for the price of two!

Susie Bright says: "All the writers in this compilation took it to the limit with inventive stories for those looking for all bottoms, all the time, and every which way!"

This 52,000-word book of backdoor tales contains the following stories:

Executive Training by Sophia Valenti
The Other Side of the Coin by Sommer Marsden
Not His Type by Alison Tyler
Kiss My Ass by Jax Baynard
Strangers in the Bathhouse by Kristina Lloyd
Practice Makes Perfect by Alison Tyler
Dark Side of the Moon by Kristina Lloyd
Pegged by Alison Tyler
Night at the Rodeo by Jax Baynard
Power Play by Sophia Valenti
Sneaking in the Back Door by Sommer Marsden
My Ass Is Your Ass Is My Ass by Kristina Lloyd
Smokehouse by Sommer Marsden
Tahoe Tease by Thomas S. Roche
From the Bottom of My Heart by Sophia Valenti
Plucked by Alison Tyler

Available for Kindle readers and in paperback:
Smart Ass, Bad Ass, Kiss My Ass: The Trilogy - Kindle Edition
Smart Ass, Bad Ass, Kiss My Ass: The Trilogy - Paperback
Smart Ass, Bad Ass, Kiss My Ass: The Trilogy - Audiobook at

Open: Five Filthy Bisexual Erotic Stories features tales from Tenille Brown, Sommer Marsden, Alison Tyler, Sophia Valenti, and Saskia Walker. (17,000 words)
Open: Five Filthy Bisexual Erotic Stories (Kindle Edition)

Smart Ass: Anal Erotica - Intelligent, plot-driven anal erotica with lots of character. And it's hella sexy, too! (22,500 words)
Smart Ass (Kindle Edition) | (Paperback)

Bad Ass is the second installment in the best-selling anal erotica series. (17,000 words)
Bad Ass—Anal Erotica (Kindle Edition) | (Paperback)
Bad Ass (Smashwords)
Bad Ass (Barnes & Noble/Nook)

Kiss My Ass - The book that started it all, featuring 15,000 words of hot erotica about backdoor banging.
Kiss My Ass—Anal Erotica (Kindle Edition) | (Paperback)
Kiss My Ass (Smashwords)
Kiss My Ass (Barnes & Noble/Nook)

Eat Me: Succulent Stories of Edible Erotica - Tales of Food and Sex (20,000 words)
Eat Me (Kindle Edition) | Eat Me (Paperback)
Eat Me (Smashwords)
Eat Me (Barnes & Noble/Nook)

Torn: Erotica Ripped from the Seams - Stories that explore the figurative concept of being "torn." (20,000 words)
Torn (Kindle Edition) | (Paperback)
Torn (Smashwords)
Torn (Barnes & Noble/Nook)

Cuffed: Three Tales of Erotic Bondage - It's all about links, kinks and cuffs! (8,500 words)
Cuffed (Kindle Edition) | (Paperback)

Stocking Up - Indulge your fetish for stockings, fishnets, and more with these sultry short stories. (9,000 words)
Stocking Up (Kindle Edition) | (Paperback)

Skirting the Issue - A trio of tales based on the allure of uniform skirts. (8,500 words)
Skirting the Issue (Kindle Edition) | (Paperback)

Harlequin Spice

69: Sultry Short Erotic Stories of Need and Desire (Kindle Edition) | (Epub)
With This Ring, I Thee Bed (Paperback) | (Kindle Edition) | (Epub)
Alison's Wonderland (Paperback) | (Kindle Edition) | (Epub)

Cleis Press

Nine-to-Five Fantasies: Tales of Sex on the Job (Paperback) | (Kindle - November 2014!)
Bound for Trouble: BDSM Erotica For Women (Paperback) | (Kindle)
Can't Get Enough: Erotica for Women (Paperback) | (Kindle)
Never Say Never (Paperback) | (Kindle)
Twisted: Bondage With an Edge (Paperback) | (Kindle)
Sudden Sex: 69 Sultry Short Stories (Paperback) | (Kindle Edition)
The Big Book of Bondage: Sexy Tales of Erotic Restraint (Paperback) | (Kindle)
Morning, Noon and Night: Erotica for Couples (Paperback) | (Kindle Edition)
Three Way: Erotic Adventures (Paperback) | (Kindle Edition)
Luscious: Stories of Anal Eroticism (Paperback) | (Kindle Edition)
Heat Wave: Hot, Hot, Hot Erotica (Paperback) | (Kindle Edition)
Slave to Love (Paperback) | (Kindle Edition)
Pleasure Bound (Paperback) | (Kindle Edition)
Playing with Fire (Paperback) | (Kindle Edition)
Afternoon Delight (Paperback) | (Kindle Edition)
Best Lesbian Erotica 2010 (Paperback) | (Kindle Edition)

Xcite Press

Ultimate Uniforms (Paperback) | (Kindle Edition)
Ultimate Uniforms contains erotica tales about sex in uniform and features my story "Nights in Black Satin," which can also be found in the mini ebooks The Deal - And Other Stories and Dressed to Thrill Volume Five - Three sexy uniform and dressing up stories.

Sex, Love & Valentines (Paperback) | (Kindle Edition)
Sex, Love & Valentines contains my story The Ex-Factor, which can also be found in the Xcite Press ebook of the same name, as well as Sexy Valentine's Stories - Volume Six - An Xcite Books Collection.

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