Saturday, October 5, 2013

Dark Secret Love

I’m so pleased to be hosting the latest stop on Alison Tyler’s Dark Secret Love blog tour. It’s a month-long party filled with discussions about erotica and behind the scenes peeks into the creative process, as well as a celebration of one very sexy book. I’ll admit that Dark Secret Love is exactly the kind of novel that grabs my attention and won’t let go: a kinky, contemporary story with considerable emotional depth.

Kink and erotica are nothing new, of course, but Dark Secret Love stands out for me. First, it’s a love story in two parts: the heroine, Samantha, searches for her one true Dom, but in the course of that journey, she also learns to accept herself and embrace her desires. And these two aspects combine to deliver a series of pulse-quickening adventures that are filled with as much heat as heart.

Dark Secret Love captures the essence of submission—the lust and longing, fear and doubts, and most of all, the need:

“Why?...Why?” he hissed. “Don’t make me ask again. I don’t like to repeat myself.” It sounded like he was biting off each word and spitting it out at me.

Nate had tried to get me to tell him why. Even Byron, when I’d told him to spank me with his brush, when I’d begged him to put me over his lap, even he had asked later that evening, Why? Why would you want me to do that to you?


“Because I need it.”

“That’s right,” Jack said immediately, letting me know I’d given him the correct answer. “Take that fact into yourself and hold on to it. Embrace it. You need this.” He emphasized each word carefully. “I am giving you what you need. You need me to stripe your ass for you with my belt. You need me to make it hurt. Without that, you don’t have anything. You’re a ball of longing. A mess of cravings. Without the pain, you’re nothing at all.”

It was as if he could see those last flickers of doubt in my head and he was intent on quashing each one. He knew. Jack knew. I could make up fairy tales for myself in the seconds before the leather struck, but as soon as he began to punish me, all those fantasies of being normal would disappear. Good-girl sex, the type I always imagine other people to be having in their dark bedrooms every night, with minty breath and cooing dove talk, that sort of sex isn’t meant for me.

Alison Tyler is the author of more than 25 erotic novels, most recently Dark Secret Love. Her short stories have appeared in a variety of anthologies, including Coupling edited by Sommer Marsden and Purple Panties edited by Zane. She has written a slew of novellas, including Banging Rebecca, a rock-and-roll ménage a trois. Visit her at for 24/7 snark and espresso.

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