Saturday, October 5, 2013

Dark Secret Love

I’m so pleased to be hosting the latest stop on Alison Tyler’s Dark Secret Love blog tour. It’s a month-long party filled with discussions about erotica and behind the scenes peeks into the creative process, as well as a celebration of one very sexy book. I’ll admit that Dark Secret Love is exactly the kind of novel that grabs my attention and won’t let go: a kinky, contemporary story with considerable emotional depth.

Kink and erotica are nothing new, of course, but Dark Secret Love stands out for me. First, it’s a love story in two parts: the heroine, Samantha, searches for her one true Dom, but in the course of that journey, she also learns to accept herself and embrace her desires. And these two aspects combine to deliver a series of pulse-quickening adventures that are filled with as much heat as heart.

Dark Secret Love captures the essence of submission—the lust and longing, fear and doubts, and most of all, the need:

“Why?...Why?” he hissed. “Don’t make me ask again. I don’t like to repeat myself.” It sounded like he was biting off each word and spitting it out at me.

Nate had tried to get me to tell him why. Even Byron, when I’d told him to spank me with his brush, when I’d begged him to put me over his lap, even he had asked later that evening, Why? Why would you want me to do that to you?


“Because I need it.”

“That’s right,” Jack said immediately, letting me know I’d given him the correct answer. “Take that fact into yourself and hold on to it. Embrace it. You need this.” He emphasized each word carefully. “I am giving you what you need. You need me to stripe your ass for you with my belt. You need me to make it hurt. Without that, you don’t have anything. You’re a ball of longing. A mess of cravings. Without the pain, you’re nothing at all.”

It was as if he could see those last flickers of doubt in my head and he was intent on quashing each one. He knew. Jack knew. I could make up fairy tales for myself in the seconds before the leather struck, but as soon as he began to punish me, all those fantasies of being normal would disappear. Good-girl sex, the type I always imagine other people to be having in their dark bedrooms every night, with minty breath and cooing dove talk, that sort of sex isn’t meant for me.

Alison Tyler is the author of more than 25 erotic novels, most recently Dark Secret Love. Her short stories have appeared in a variety of anthologies, including Coupling edited by Sommer Marsden and Purple Panties edited by Zane. She has written a slew of novellas, including Banging Rebecca, a rock-and-roll ménage a trois. Visit her at for 24/7 snark and espresso.

Dark Secret Love (Cleis Press) - Paperback - Kindle - Audiobook - Nook

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hard at Work

Alison Tyler just revealed the lovely lineup for her latest Cleis Press collection, Shhh! Don't Tell Anyone... Erotic Fantasies about Sexy Occupations. I'm happy to say my story "Driver's Seat" is in the mix; it's a kinky g/g/b threeway that's a real wild ride.

Publication date is still to be announced, but in the meantime take a look at the TOC.

Introduction: The “Want” Ads
Construction Worker: Grimy by Sommer Marsden
Cowboy: Bonanzed by Kate Pearce
Professor: O for Effort by Delilah Night
Chauffeur: Driver’s Seat by Sophia Valenti
Meteorologist: Warm Front by Heidi Champa
Physician: Doctors Orders by Sasha White
Delivery Boy: Just A Little Tenderness by A.M. Hartnett
Pool Girl: California Dreamin’ by Andrea Dale
Book Binder: Rule of Thumb by Laila Blake
Baker: Kneading Lessons by Tilly Hunter
Personal Trainer: Work It Out by Elisa Sharone
Stage Manager: SM Or How I Met My Girlfriend by Giselle Renarde
IT guy: Talk Nerdy to Me by Crystal Jordan
Porn Star: Current Photo, Please by Devin Phillips
Mechanic: Body Work by Cora Zane
Museum Curator: Under Her Auspices by Jeremy Edwards
Treat Vendor: Ice Cream Boy and Sprinkle Girl by Kathryn O'Halloran
Barber: Close Shave by Alison Tyler

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Suddenly—Sudden Sex!

Hot, fast and dirty. Those are just a few ways to describe the tales in Sudden Sex: 69 Sultry Short Stories, the latest Cleis Press anthology edited by Alison Tyler. I'm super-excited to say that I have five stories in this book.

Check out the fabulous lineup:

Booked by Alison Tyler
Frank by Donna George Storey
Riding the 5:15 by Sophia Valenti
Peach-Colored Panties by Thomas S. Roche
Reserved by Jax Baynard
Night Visitor by Cheyenne Blue
Tripartite by Georgia E. Jones
Lift a Finger by Jeremy Edwards
Stopover by ADR Forte
The Point of Least Resistance by Saskia Walker
Misdirection by Victoria Janssen
Sweet and Spicy by Kat Watson
Working Up a Sweat by Heidi Champa
Come As You Are by Andrea Dale
Possessive Tense by Raziel Moore
Necessities for a Perfect Marriage by Ashley Lister
One Sleep by Maria See
Crawling Through Temptation by Elise Hepner
Tick-Tock by Rita Winchester
Throwing Sugar by Jeremy Edwards
Bound to Serve by Mina Murray
Naugahyde by Sommer Marsden
The Perfect Pair by Sophia Valenti
Taming His Wild Cat by Andrea Dale
At the Car Wash by Lucy Felthouse
The Exorcism by Veronica Wilde
My Army Buddy’s Girlfriend by N.T. Morley
Two Man Job by A. M. Hartnett
Sex in the Shower by Thomas S. Roche
Deep Throat, Deep Love by Kristina Lloyd
Hoarder by Bella Dean
TV Repairs by Sophia Valenti
Triptych by Kat Watson
Seasonal Affected Disorder by Gina Marie
The Scribe by Tabitha Rayne
Come to the Light by Maria See
Night Heat by Vida Bailey
For the Moment by Kiki DeLovely
Obey All Signs by Andrea Dale
Girls Sleep with Girls by Giselle Renarde
The Dealmakers by A.M. Hartnett
Among the Trees by Heidi Champa
Last Call by Sophia Valenti
I’d Rather Go Blind by Tenille Brown
Rubber Chicken by Thomas S. Roche
Sugar Upsets My Vagina by Kristina Lloyd
Clement by Sommer Marsden
Heart on the Dance Floor by Stella Harris
The Not-So-Blushing Bride by Lucy Felthouse
Homecoming by Sophia Valenti
Dress Me Up Pretty by K. Lynn
Committee Work by Jeremy Edwards
Queen of Parking Lot Blowjobs by Giselle Renarde
Helluva Thing by A.M. Hartnett
Mad Ghosts of Lust by Kristina Lloyd
Bookmarked by Alison Tyler
Cuckhold’s Nest by D. L. King
Cookie by Sharon Wachsler
Eye of the Beholder by Stella Harris
Stress Relief by K. Lynn
If You Know Where To Look by Giselle Renarde
Thrill the Competition by Allison Wonderland
Cosmic Fate by Angell Brooks
Let Me Tie You Up? By Devin Phillips
Nice Dream by J.Sinclaire
Eva by Donna George Storey
Dress Code by N.T. Morley
Consequences by Cheyenne Blue
Bookended by Alison Tyler

Sudden Sex: 69 Sultry Short Stories (Paperback) | (Kindle Edition)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Big Book of Bondage Blog Tour

I'm a little late in joining the blog party, for The Big Book of Bondage. But since the celebration is still going strong, I'd like to chime in and tell you about one of the fabulously kinky tales from Alison Tyler's latest Cleis Press collection.

Kiki DeLovely’s “Just Deserts” delivers all of the breathless, pulse-quickening details that make bondage such a transcendent experience.

What makes this piece come alive for me is how Kiki carefully builds the setting through the eyes of a submissive pastry chef who is attending a summer camp for grownup kinksters. With exquisite attention to detail, the reader is led along with the narrator as she meets her match in a smart, wicked woman. This intuitive top weaves a web of dominance, figuratively with her actions and words, and literally with her web of ropes. Every new knot and twist turns up the heat a little more:

As she pulls through each loop that is then tightened into a knot, I feel the erotic energy behind her patience and deliberate contemplation put into each action. Sadistic love breathed into every knot.

I don’t want to give away any of the action, but “Just Deserts” starts at a slow simmer and quickly boils over with bliss. It’ll make you long for a sexy summer camp adventure of your very own.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Big Book of Bondage!

The Big Book of Bondage: Sexy Tales of Erotic Restraint is out now. This book of kinky treats contains my story "Too Strong To Break," as well as many more fabulously dirty bondage tales.

If you'd like to learn more about the book, head on over to Alison Tyler's place. She's rounded up a host of writers to discuss the stories in the book, and is featuring their reviews on her blog.

Here's the amazing lineup:

Commuter Training by Teresa Noelle Roberts
Small Mercies by Rita Winchester
The Naughty Chair by Donna George Storey
Eleven O’clock Deadline by Thomas S. Roche
Prey by Madeline Elayne
In Charge by ADR Forte
Too Strong to Break by Sophia Valenti
Filthy Rich by Shanna Germain
Life Drawing by Vida Bailey
Cute Boy Gets Squeezed by D.L. King
On the Rocks by Heidi Champa
Golf Spelled Backwards by Andrea Dale
Eye Contact by Derek McDaniel
Double Dutch by Giselle Renarde
Senseless by Stella Harris
Just Deserts by Kiki DeLovely
Balancing the Books by Lucy Felthouse
Meltdown by Jax Baynard
You Say This is a Testament by Maria See
River of Beauty by Sharon Wachsler
When My Boyfriend Has a Party by Devin Phillips
Butter the Bird by Sommer Marsden
The Bondage Pig by Kristina Lloyd
Curry, Extra Hot by N.T. Morley
Burned by Alison Tyler