Saturday, December 1, 2012

Kinky Love

It’s a nice, lazy Saturday morning, and as I’m sitting here enjoying my coffee, I’m so pleased to have visitors! Come on in, and pour yourself a cup. Today I'm discussing Alison Tyler’s latest anthology from Cleis Press, Morning, Noon and Night.

If you’ve been following the book’s blog tour, you already know that M,N and N is a fun concept, containing a sexy story for every hour of the day—plus a little bonus, because there’s never enough time to do everyone—I mean—everything you set out to accomplish. Am I right?

When I was first thinking about writing for this book, I knew I wanted to tackle a time in the dark, wee hours. I always felt that people let loose a little more under the cover of night.

My story “2 a.m. Date Night” focuses on a loving couple whose kinky bond grows even stronger because of their sordid sex triangle. Celia and Brandon’s relationship is a different twist on the standard sort of cuckold story. She frequently hooks up with her sexy ex, but what fuels her passion is knowing that her dominant husband will punish her for it the second she gets home. And as for Brandon, he may be filled with jealously, but his undeniable lust always wins out:

My husband moved closer to me in the darkness, like a predator slowly stalking his prey. “I have such a bad girl for a wife,” he said, stroking my cheek with the back of his hand. I shivered at his touch, so soft and gentle. I shivered because I knew what those hands could do—how hard they could strike my bare ass, how they could easily capture my wrists in their unyielding grip. Each scene Brandon and I have together lays down another memory, and those moments linger in my mind and echo in my body, making every experience more intense than the last. “Such a bad, slutty girl,” Brandon muttered, almost to himself. His voice sounded dreamy, and I instinctively knew he was picturing me and my lover. It was a thought that taunted and aroused him all at the same time.

That’s the funny thing about love and lust: You never know where it will take you or why. You only know that it feels so good.

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