Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dressed to Thrill - Volume 5

One of my previously published stories has found a cozy new home. "Nights in Black Satin" has appeared in Xcite Book's Ultimate Uniforms and is now featured in Dressed to Thrill Volume Five - Three sexy uniform and dressing up stories.

Here's the skinny on the three tales in this short ebook:

A collection of three sexy stories with mixed uniform and dressing up themes.

Clean-up in Aisle Five by Elizabeth Coldwell

Justin’s fetish might not be the most traditional, but that does nothing to diminish his passion for the utilitarian overalls of his local 24-hour supermarket; especially when they’re being modelled by luscious checkout girl, Janice. After a week away on business, he’s determined to reveal his feelings–and much more–to his supermarket sweetheart.

Nights in Black Satin by Sophia Valenti

Jessie doesn’t think she has ever seen a sexier costume when she spots the full-blown, classic French maid’s outfit in the sex shop window. She can’t wait to get back home and have Brenda try it on. But first she has to convince her boyfriend Brett to play ball, because the truth is Brenda wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for Brett. Jessie couldn’t resist picking up some extra playthings at the shop to really make this a night to remember...

Exemplary Employee by Charlotte Stein

Sven is the perfect masseuse: thoughtful, Swedish and good with his hands – not to mention always smartly dressed in his clinical white uniform. Who is she to argue when he suggests some creative adaptations to the standard “all-over-body” massage? He is the professional, after all...and how can something that makes you feel this good be wrong?

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