Saturday, December 1, 2012

Kinky Love

It’s a nice, lazy Saturday morning, and as I’m sitting here enjoying my coffee, I’m so pleased to have visitors! Come on in, and pour yourself a cup. Today I'm discussing Alison Tyler’s latest anthology from Cleis Press, Morning, Noon and Night.

If you’ve been following the book’s blog tour, you already know that M,N and N is a fun concept, containing a sexy story for every hour of the day—plus a little bonus, because there’s never enough time to do everyone—I mean—everything you set out to accomplish. Am I right?

When I was first thinking about writing for this book, I knew I wanted to tackle a time in the dark, wee hours. I always felt that people let loose a little more under the cover of night.

My story “2 a.m. Date Night” focuses on a loving couple whose kinky bond grows even stronger because of their sordid sex triangle. Celia and Brandon’s relationship is a different twist on the standard sort of cuckold story. She frequently hooks up with her sexy ex, but what fuels her passion is knowing that her dominant husband will punish her for it the second she gets home. And as for Brandon, he may be filled with jealously, but his undeniable lust always wins out:

My husband moved closer to me in the darkness, like a predator slowly stalking his prey. “I have such a bad girl for a wife,” he said, stroking my cheek with the back of his hand. I shivered at his touch, so soft and gentle. I shivered because I knew what those hands could do—how hard they could strike my bare ass, how they could easily capture my wrists in their unyielding grip. Each scene Brandon and I have together lays down another memory, and those moments linger in my mind and echo in my body, making every experience more intense than the last. “Such a bad, slutty girl,” Brandon muttered, almost to himself. His voice sounded dreamy, and I instinctively knew he was picturing me and my lover. It was a thought that taunted and aroused him all at the same time.

That’s the funny thing about love and lust: You never know where it will take you or why. You only know that it feels so good.

Be sure to visit Sommer Marsden’s blog tomorrow, as she wraps up our cock-around-the-clock tour!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Anal Sex Erotica - The Trilogy

Smart Ass, Bad Ass, Kiss My Ass: The Trilogy takes three volumes of the best-selling Pretty Things Press anal sex erotica books and puts them in one kinky collection at a special price.

This 52,000-word book of backdoor tales contains the following stories:

Executive Training by Sophia Valenti
The Other Side of the Coin by Sommer Marsden
Not His Type by Alison Tyler
Kiss My Ass by Jax Baynard
Strangers in the Bathhouse by Kristina Lloyd
Practice Makes Perfect by Alison Tyler
Dark Side of the Moon by Kristina Lloyd
Pegged by Alison Tyler
Night at the Rodeo by Jax Baynard
Power Play by Sophia Valenti
Sneaking in the Back Door by Sommer Marsden
My Ass Is Your Ass Is My Ass by Kristina Lloyd
Smokehouse by Sommer Marsden
Tahoe Tease by Thomas S. Roche
From the Bottom of My Heart by Sophia Valenti
Plucked by Alison Tyler

Available for Kindle readers and in paperback and audiobook editions:
Smart Ass, Bad Ass, Kiss My Ass: The Trilogy - Kindle Edition
Smart Ass, Bad Ass, Kiss My Ass: The Trilogy - Paperback
Smart Ass, Bad Ass, Kiss My Ass: The Trilogy - Audiobook at

Monday, October 8, 2012

24 Hours of Hot Sex

You’re just a few weeks away from twenty-four hours of hot sex!

And by that I mean we’re just a few weeks away from the release of Morning, Noon and Night: Erotica for Couples. This collection, edited by Alison Tyler, will take you through a full day of erotic adventures. They’re all fabulous stories, but be sure to schedule some time for a two p.m. rendezvous with Thomas S. Roche.

Thomas is a tease—in the best possible way. His story “Two P.M. Biker Bar” is a sensual piece of verbal foreplay. What I enjoyed most about it is the narrator’s casual voice, and how he takes the reader along on his journey of revelation. I felt like I was sitting next to him at a bar, listening to his tale unfold, as he recounted each breathless snippet of dialogue between two playful lovers.

I don’t want to give away any of the details. Suffice to say, “Biker Bar” proves that sex is comprised of more than just physical acts—and while waiting may be the hardest part, it can also be the most fun.

Friday, August 31, 2012

There's always time for a quickie!

Hot, fast and sexy. Those are just a few ways to describe the tales in Sudden Sex, the upcoming Cleis Press anthology edited by Alison Tyler. I'm super-excited to say that I have a few stories in this book. Check out the awesome lineup over at Alison's blog.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Would you like a little 69?

That is, would you like to read a little 69? Then check out Alison Tyler's latest collection from Harlequin Spice—69: Sultry Short Erotic Stories of Need and Desire.

I'm excited to say that I have three pieces in this anthology, which is filled with super-sexy short-shorts from amazing erotica writers and has a sweet foreword from Violet Blue.

Here are the kinky contents:

69: Sultry Short Erotic Stories of Need and Desire (Kindle Edition) | (Epub)
Countdown by Violet Blue
The Kitchen Kink by Alison Tyler
Hare Coursing by Janine Ashbless
Pulse by Vida Bailey
Speed Mating by Sophia Valenti
Permission by Justine Elyot
Star Fucker by John Albert
The Redi-Wash by Jax Baynard
Selections from a Bedroom Closet by Thomas S. Roche
Dress Rehearsal by Sommer Marsden
Good Cop, Bad Cop (a story) by Kristina Lloyd
Come at Six by Nikki Magennis
I Dare You by Emma Hillman
Two Ways by Dante Davidson
Manners by Georgia E. Jones
Another Country Heard From by Eric Williams
Frosted Kisses by Vida Bailey
Summoned by Raziel Moore
His by Charlotte Stein
Talk to the Hand by Allison Wonderland
Three Days by Cate Robertson
Reclamation by Willsin Rowe
Open by Donna George Storey
Frozen by Aisling Weaver
The Welcome Wagon by Sophia Valenti
Hot Cross Buns by Shanna Germain
Granny Panties by Sommer Marsden
Touchless by Alison Tyler
Cast Party by Jeremy Edwards
Fall Back by N.T. Morley
Love, Honor and Obey by Janine Ashbless
Permissive by Justine Elyot
Hot in the City by Saskia Walker
Add It Up by Nikki Magennis
Crossed by Dante Davidson
The Funeral by Georgia E. Jones
Floating in Blue by Teresa Noelle Roberts
Suite Surprise by Cate Robertson
Shoulders by Donna George Storey
Saturday by Willsin Rowe
Based on a True Story by Kristina Lloyd
The Barest Offering by Aisling Weaver
Hers by Charlotte Stein
Translation by Sommer Marsden
Dessert by Sophia Valenti
Skill by Aisling Weaver
Attic Moment by Janine Ashbless
Satisfied Customers by Ashley Lister
Closing Distance by Raziel Moore
Friends in Need by Saskia Walker
Homecoming by Willsin Rowe
The Long Afternoon by N.T. Morley
Naked Lunch by Angell Brooks
Just a Kiss Away by Thomas S. Roche
Goes by Sommer Marsden
Waking the Neighbors by Heidi Champa
Ours by Charlotte Stein
Mathematics by Nikki Magennis
Laplanders by Jeremy Edwards
Slave Market in Monochrome by Kristina Lloyd
In the Cold with You by Victoria Janssen
Listen by Emma Hillman
Come at Nine by Portia Da Costa
The Eskimo Game by Donna George Storey
Reflection by Saskia Walker
Permitted by Justine Elyot
Never Alone by Alison Tyler
Every Dollar by N.T. Morley
A is for Anal, Z is for Zenith by Shanna Germain
How Early? By Thomas Roche

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Open: Five Filthy Bisexual Erotic Stories

Open: Five Filthy Bisexual Erotic Stories is now available at Amazon for Kindles, with the print edition coming soon!

This collection of five stories is a celebration of women's bisexuality, featuring sexy stories by Tenille Brown, Sommer Marsden, Alison Tyler, Saskia Walker, and myself.

Here's an excerpt from my story "Hot & Bothered."

Kiki was a hot piece of ass. The first time I tasted her was after a night of tossing back tequila at the Cubbyhole—and let me tell you, she was the perfect chaser. At the time, little did I know how many dirty things such a sweet-faced chick would make me do—and how she’d push my buttons, taking me places I was too scare to admit I’d wanted to go. Well, too scared to admit to anyone but Kiki. But that girl held on to everything. One hushed whisper uttered in the heat of orgasm would plant itself in her head and flower into the most incredibly filthy adventure when I least expected it. She quickly became an expert at reading me—at figuring out what I wanted and what would make me come harder and longer than I ever thought possible. And that’s how I wound up on my knees, sucking Tucker’s dick while she tugged my hair and whispered in my ear that it didn’t matter how good I was at eating pussy—she’d always known I was a cock-hungry slut.

I was instantly attracted to Kiki the minute I laid eyes on her, which threw me for a loop because she was the exact opposite of every other woman I’d ever hooked up with. She stood out—a delicate flower amidst a scruffy crowd of stone-butch dykes and pretty bois posturing for their next pickups. I was a leather-wearing tough, who often bedded the same, but who always wound up on top. That was just the way I rolled. I was so attracted to Kiki that I almost felt guilty—almost. She was a petite femme with pink glossed lips, ice-blue eyes and shiny blonde tresses; there was nothing controversial about her. She looked like a cookie-cutter sorority sister trying to be bad. Try as she might to appear downtown, Kiki was anything but in her designer jeans and brand-new biker boots. She came from money—I could tell—and I wondered if she was just slumming for adventure or if she honestly was into girls. I hoped like hell she was, because as I leaned against the bar with my drink in hand, I felt my cunt getting wetter by the second. And when she looked at me and smiled, I began to absolutely ache for her.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Three Way: Erotic Adventures

Three Way: Erotic Adventures is now available in paperback at Amazon, though it looks like you'll need to wait another week for the Kindle edition. This book is a 2nd edition release, containing a new foreword by Shanna Germain, and original stories by me and Sommer Marsden.

My story "Jezebel" is the tale of a three-way that takes a very kinky turn. Here's an excerpt:

Rebecca and I exchanged greetings, the unspoken subtext lingering in the air between us. We’d met a few times in the past, but always in a roomful of people and never in a situation so intimate—one that was charged with such erotic potential.

I took a seat next to her, and Derek wandered into the kitchen to grab me a drink. I was glad; I wanted a few minutes alone with her. Her gaze flitted from her wineglass to my face and back again.

“No need to be nervous,” I said, pushing a lock of her long brown hair behind her ear. “We’re all friends just looking to have some fun.”

Those words seemed to relax her, and I caressed her cheek as I took in the details of her face: her olive-toned skin so smooth and soft, her warm eyes gazing up at me through her thick lashes, her lips full and red. Something about her did me in. Suddenly I wasn’t so much interested in dominating her as I was in having her learn how to master her own world—and how to master Derek. I could see the potential in her; she just needed someone to show her the way. And that someone was me.

Three Way: Erotic Adventures (Paperback)
Three Way (Kindle Edition)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dressed to Thrill - Volume 5

One of my previously published stories has found a cozy new home. "Nights in Black Satin" has appeared in Xcite Book's Ultimate Uniforms and is now featured in Dressed to Thrill Volume Five - Three sexy uniform and dressing up stories.

Here's the skinny on the three tales in this short ebook:

A collection of three sexy stories with mixed uniform and dressing up themes.

Clean-up in Aisle Five by Elizabeth Coldwell

Justin’s fetish might not be the most traditional, but that does nothing to diminish his passion for the utilitarian overalls of his local 24-hour supermarket; especially when they’re being modelled by luscious checkout girl, Janice. After a week away on business, he’s determined to reveal his feelings–and much more–to his supermarket sweetheart.

Nights in Black Satin by Sophia Valenti

Jessie doesn’t think she has ever seen a sexier costume when she spots the full-blown, classic French maid’s outfit in the sex shop window. She can’t wait to get back home and have Brenda try it on. But first she has to convince her boyfriend Brett to play ball, because the truth is Brenda wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for Brett. Jessie couldn’t resist picking up some extra playthings at the shop to really make this a night to remember...

Exemplary Employee by Charlotte Stein

Sven is the perfect masseuse: thoughtful, Swedish and good with his hands – not to mention always smartly dressed in his clinical white uniform. Who is she to argue when he suggests some creative adaptations to the standard “all-over-body” massage? He is the professional, after all...and how can something that makes you feel this good be wrong?

Listen to This: Asses from!

For those of you who like aural anal erotica, you're in luck. will be producing Kiss My Ass, Bad Ass, Smart Ass: The Trilogy. This audiobook will be comprised of three Pretty Things Press anal sex anthologies, featuring stories by Alison Tyler, Jax Baynard, Kristina Lloyd, Sommer Marsden, Thomas Roche and myself. This collection will also be available in print and Kindle editions. Check back here for news on the actual publication date. Many thanks to Alison and Susie Bright for making this fantastic edition a reality.

Here's the table of contents, which includes the stories from Kiss My Ass, Bad Ass and Smart Ass:

Executive Training by Sophia Valenti
The Other Side of the Coin by Sommer Marsden
Not His Type by Alison Tyler
Kiss My Ass by Jax Baynard
Strangers in the Bathhouse by Kristina Lloyd
Practice Makes Perfect by Alison Tyler
Dark Side of the Moon by Kristina Lloyd
Pegged by Alison Tyler
Night at the Rodeo by Jax Baynard
Power Play by Sophia Valenti
Sneaking in the Back Door by Sommer Marsden
My Ass Is Your Ass Is My Ass by Kristina Lloyd
Smokehouse by Sommer Marsden
Tahoe Tease by Thomas S. Roche
From the Bottom of My Heart by Sophia Valenti
Plucked by Alison Tyler

Morning, Noon and Night

More exciting publication news! I have a story in Alison Tyler's upcoming anthology Morning, Noon and Night: Erotica for Couples. Look for it in November. It's packed with a full twenty-four hours of sex, plus an extra bonus hour. What's not to love about that?

I'm thrilled to be included in this list of amazing authors:

24/7 by Aisling Weaver

4 a.m. Wake-Up Call by Jax Baynard
5 a.m. Walk of Shame by Dante Davidson
6 a.m. Coffee by Heidi Champa
7 a.m. Change of Shift by Cheyenne Blue
8 a.m. Morning Wood by Georgia E. Jones
9 a.m. Office Briefing by Justine Elyot
10 a.m. Kickoff by Donna George Storey
11 a.m. Elevenses by Jeremy Edwards
Noon: Lunchtime Rendezvous by Kat Watson
1 p.m. Test Drive by Angell Brooks
2 p.m. Biker Bar by Thomas Roche
3 p.m. Closed-Door Meeting by Sasha White
4 p.m. No Show by Cora Zane
5 p.m. Somewhere by Kristina Lloyd
6 p.m. The After-Dinner Hour by Sommer Marsden
7 p.m. Kinky Craft Night by Teresa Noelle Roberts
8:00 p.m. Appointment Tee Vee by Victoria Janssen
9 p.m. Victoria Coach Station by Kate Pearce
10 p.m. Portraits by Preston Avery
11 p.m. Strip Poker by Ashley Lister
Midnight: Movie Date by N.T. Morley
1 a.m. Girls’ Night Out by Vida Bailey
2 a.m. Date Night by Sophia Valenti
3 a.m. Last Call by Alison Tyler

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Big Book of Bondage

Alison Tyler recently released the TOC for her anthology The Big Book of Bondage: Sexy Tales of Erotic Restraint from Cleis Press. I'm excited to say that I have a story in this kinky collection. Here's a list of the tantalizing tales you'll find in this book, available January 2013.

Commuter Training by Teresa Noelle Roberts

Small Mercies by Rita Winchester

The Naughty Chair by Donna George Storey

Eleven O’clock Deadline by Thomas S. Roche

Prey by Madeline Elayne

In Charge by ADR Forte

Too Strong to Break by Sophia Valenti

Filthy Rich by Shanna Germain

Life Drawing by Vida Bailey

Cute Boy Gets Squeezed by D.L. King

On the Rocks by Heidi Champa

Golf Spelled Backwards by Andrea Dale

Eye Contact by Derek McDaniel

Double Dutch by Giselle Renarde

Senseless by Stella Harris

Just Desserts by Kiki DeLovely

Balancing the Books by Lucy Felthouse

Meltdown by Jax Baynard

You Say This is a Testament by Maria See

River of Beauty by Sharon Wachsler

When My Boyfriend Has a Party by Devin Phillips

Butter the Bird by Sommer Marsden

The Bondage Pig by Kristina Lloyd

Curry, Extra Hot by N.T. Morley

Burned by Alison Tyler