Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Smart Ass

Smart Ass, the latest PTP anal anthology, is now available at AllRomanceEbooks, with additional formats coming soon—including the Kinky Kindle, of course.

It's a fun, sexy, and, well, dirty collection, with a little something for every fan of anal sex—from the curious to the kinky. Kristina Lloyd did a fab job designing the cover, which features a sassy pendant from Metal Taboo.

The idea for my story, “From the Bottom of My Heart,” came to me while I was thinking about friendship. Wait—friendship leads to anal sex? you ask. Well, not always, but it does for these two characters. This tale is about that moment where friendship turns into passion, and how there’s no going back once a certain line has been crossed. Then take that situation and add a dash of kink, and you get a story about lust, trust and good, old-fashioned ass-fucking.

Here's an excerpt from my piece:

“Tell me more.” Danny’s voice was gruff, having gained the discernable, earthy edge of an aroused man. His hot breath tickled my ear, and I felt desire blossom deep inside my sex as my body responded to him. This was the first time Danny wasn’t just Danny, my friend. Suddenly he was Danny, the good-looking, muscular guy in my bed, who was holding me close and wanting to know all of my kinky secrets. Had I said my heart was thumping before? Now it felt like it was going to pound out of my chest.

It seemed as though my senses had become hyperaware. I noticed how my nipples had pebbled up and were rubbing against the soft cups of my bra, the way my panties were riding up into my wet slit, the damp silk teasing my swollen clit. I fidgeted some more to buy myself some time, rubbing one sock-clad foot against the other as I summoned up the courage to confess.

“Nick couldn’t—I mean, he wouldn’t—fuck my ass,” I uttered in a barely there whisper.

“Why not?” Danny asked softly—stroke, stroke, stroking his hand along my thigh. He was no longer making swirling circles meant to comfort and soothe. His fingers were light and teasing, making my breath catch in my throat as they danced along my flesh, flirting with the skin just below the hem of my short-shorts.

“He said it was dirty.”

“Well, it is—but in a good way.”

“That’s why I wanted to do it. I like being dirty.” I managed to laugh even though my head was buzzing with lust. Danny laughed along with me, and I cracked my first real smile of the night.

“There’s nothing wrong with that.” He leaned in closer to whisper directly in my ear, “I like being dirty, too.” His words hit me like a bolt of lightning.

I turned toward Danny, who looked too darn handsome with his dark, disheveled hair and those bottomless eyes—ones that were now filled with heat. I’d never seen him look at me that way before, and now that he had, I knew I’d never forget it—and I didn’t want to. There was no way to undo the moment, to go back to the way things were. I felt like I had nothing to lose.

“Wanna be dirty with me?”

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