Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sun, Sand and Sizzle

Something about summer makes people act a little crazy, often in super-sexy ways. Heat Wave: Hot, Hot, Hot Erotica is all about those sizzling, sultry rendezvous that happen on such fevered nights.

This book will be released in early August, and it's sure to be a scorcher. I'm happy to announce that it will contain my story "Falling," which is all about a hot hookup between two longtime lovers. Here's a taste:

I’ve never minded the hot summer sun. The warmer, the better as far as I’m concerned. In fact, I’ve always found the antiseptic coolness of my office more oppressive than anything else, with its shockingly white walls, bright florescent lights, and air-conditioning so cold it could be a meat locker instead of a brokerage house. Each morning, I’d hear my coworkers utter appreciative murmurs as they entered, happily trading the stifling subway air for that of our refrigerated high-rise with its gray-shaded windows. Meanwhile, I’d sit and shiver in my crisp linen suit, feeling as if I were in suspended animation. I was cool and silent, waiting on ice until I got his message: a short text, consisting of a motel name and a room number. The sight of it warmed me from the inside out—melting my resistance and bringing me back to life.

Every August like clockwork, Clarke and I would meet. And for a few hours, we’d forget our responsibilities, forget our promises, forget everything that made us who we are. Our truth became a tangle of limbs and sweat, sex and heat, whispered sighs that would fade into the steamy night.

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