Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Indecent Desires—WIP

I'm in the final editing stages for a novella that has lots of spanking, and plenty of sex, of course. Here are the dirty details and a wee excerpt:

Angela has always admired her neighbor, Nate, but her interest is piqued even more when she spies him delivering an over-the-knee spanking to a pretty lady. Her interest doesn't go unnoticed, and a few days later, Nate invites her over for a better look—and some well deserved punishment. She soon realizes the price of peeping on your neighbor. Especially when he's a dom.

Nate set aside the hairbrush and stroked his hand across Ivy’s red cheeks. She gasped when he made contact with her well-spanked flesh.

“Come here, Angela. Feel how hot her bottom is,” Nate said, still using his calm, even tone.

Curiously, I reached out and laid my hand on Ivy’s ass, marveling at the heat radiating from her smooth flesh. She moaned at my brief touch, and the sound of longing in her voice made my cunt ache. Though her cheeks might have been tender, being punished had evidently ignited her lust.

Nate pushed Ivy’s hair behind her ear and leaned down to talk to her. Her face was blushing nearly as much as her bottom.

“Have you learned your lesson, Ivy? Do you promise you’ll be a good girl?”

“Y—yes, sir,” Ivy said, breathlessly. “I promise.”

“That’s what I wanted to hear,” Nate replied. “Spread your legs for me, sweetie.” Ivy responded eagerly, and Nate tapped his fingers against her slit, now spanking her pussy instead of her ass. Ivy moaned loudly, parted her legs, and raised her bottom, eagerly inviting the next blow. He didn’t disappoint, his hand landing with a wet-sounding smack as it connected with her cunt once more. He continued raining down a steady stream of slaps against her pussy as Ivy groaned loudly and began to shiver in his lap. Nate kept spanking her until her cries died down and she lay limply across his thighs. She took deep, gasping breaths as she tried to gather her bearings, even as her body trembled with pleasure and release.

When she seemed like she’d calmed somewhat, Nate helped Ivy up and gave her a kiss on the forehead. She smiled at him shyly and made her way over to the nearby couch. I watched her with curiosity, still mesmerized by the sight of her reddened ass, until she turned and gingerly sat down, curling her feet underneath herself as she leaned against a pile of plush pillows. She flashed me a small smile—of part sweetness, part wickedness—as if she couldn’t wait to see me get mine.

“Angela,” Nate said sternly, calling my attention back to him, “it’s time.”

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