Saturday, November 20, 2010

On the Menu

Hungry for some tasty erotica? Eat Me is currently simmering and will soon be ready for consumption. This Pretty Things Press anthology is about 20K words, and contains a couple of amuse-bouches and some longer pieces for you to chew on.

The yummy tales in this collection have been written by Jax Baynard, Aisling Weaver, Vida Bailey, Sommer Marsden, N.T. Morley, Shanna Germain, Merry Stanshall, Alison Tyler, and myself.

The cover photo, and the fantastic pendant, are from the fabulous Metal Taboo.

Forget everything you've ever been taught about not playing with your food. Here, that's definitely a good, good thing.


Danielle said...

ha..i m really curious to read this one!! i m a total foodie so..what could be a better read???

Sophia Valenti said...

Thanks, Danielle. It's definitely a smutty smorgasbord!