Sunday, November 28, 2010

Baby Got Paperback

Kiss My Ass and Bad Ass, two smoking-hot collections of anal erotica, are now available in print. So if you prefer actual paper and ink over reading on a device, you can now get your sexy fix.


Danielle said...

ahh..god knows i m not a e-boo boy..i need to have a book in my hand...:-)))) i so will buy that one..:-)


Sophia Valenti said...

Thanks, Danielle. :)

It's nice to have choices. Everyone has their preference when it comes to reading, and I'm glad we have all these options.

Danielle said...


you know..i actuallylove the concept of e-books..i just cant read long text/stories on the screen..and of course i love to have paper in my hand...but know many many people who love kindles and e books and all because its very handy and good and yay for choices!

Sophia Valenti said...

I do love paper, too. As convenient as ebooks are, there is definitely still a place for print!