Tuesday, August 31, 2010


An awesome first review for Bad Ass is up on Amazon:

God. I loved 'Kiss My Ass' and I'd hoped that at best, this collection would be more of the same. But it's not.

I didn't realise it was a table-turner - mostly - with the women on the controlling end. And oh, it's so good. It surpasses its predecessor. I read it one quick swallow, but at the end of each story I almost didn't want to keep reading, because each one is its own little gem, even though they all fit so well together.

I'd like to give an example of the clever, delicious, funny, perfect writing Kristina Lloyd uses in 'Dark Side of the Moon' but in the end, there are just too many to choose from. It's a gorgeous story, funny and poignant, and full of domestic intimacy. I think this one is the stand-out, because it's so different in style and in a way, content. But it brings a lot to the collection.

Alison Tyler's story is - hee, it's so dirty and empowered and has such a sense of fun - it's exactly as it should be, really.

Jax Barnard's 'Night at the Rodeo is a surprise - with delightful dialogue and well built, appealing characters. A really nice, interesting inclusion in the collection.

Sophia Valenti's 'Power Play' fits the collection snugly, with just the same amount of heat. Her characters are likeable and the action is real, and detailed.

And Sommer's 'Sneaking in the Backdoor' is probably the most romantic anal sex story you'll ever read. Beautiful.

I absolutely love this, and I hope at some point both (and hopefully more) will come out together in print. Nice work, guys. Now, more!

Thanks, Jo! You made me smile.

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