Friday, July 30, 2010


TornTorn, the latest anthology from Pretty Things Press, is now available as a PDF at E-Junkie and at This book is a bit over 20,000 words and contains five sexy stories that each explore the concept of being torn. Literally or figuratively? Well, there a little of both.

Here's a snippet from my story, "Having It All."

For a minute, I struggled with what to say, having Hannah’s words still echoing in my mind. There I was thinking I was so hip and cosmopolitan, going to a sex party in the city, and it never occurred to me that I could actually have a threesome with two hot guys. I had to give Hannah credit because she apparently knew me better than I knew myself. It was as if all of my earlier daydreams had melded together into a kaleidoscopic swirl of sexy.

I felt my face flushing as I spoke to Patrick, commenting, “I couldn’t help but notice that you two came solo.”

“Yeah,” Patrick answered, his blue eyes sparkling mischievously. “But we were hoping we’d come with someone else before the night was over.” I chuckled at his unexpected joke. “Maybe even the same someone,” he added, looking at me slyly, and my laughter died in my throat.

What does "torn" mean to you? Visit Torn • Shredded • Whole and tell your tale, whether it's a story about a favorite pair of tattered jeans or an experience about being shredded but finding your way back to whole.

Update: And Torn: Erotica Ripped from the Seams is now available for Kindles at


firepages said...

Now this sounds good. I'm really loving your short stories Sophia! Hot, Erotic, and Sexy...

Sophia Valenti said...

Thanks so much! Those are exactly the words I hope to hear. You've made my day!