Saturday, March 6, 2010

Flash of Fishnet

Here's a snippet from my story "Fishnet Frenzy," from the mini-antho Stocking Up. Just a taste because I don't want to give away the fun little twist!

As soon as the backs of his legs were pressed against the ebony couch, I pushed him downward. Mitch stumbled a little and landed on the plush cushions, laughing as he sat, seemingly surprised by my strength. His smile died on his lips, however, when I straddled his hips, my skirt riding dangerously high on my fishnet-clad thighs as I wiggled against him. Mitch slid his hands up the backs of my legs, his fingers toying with the black diamonds and darting in and out of the tiny holes to stroke the bits of my exposed flesh. The hide-and-seek game his fingertips were playing made me crave his touch even more. I tilted my head back, concentrating on the little sparks of pleasure I felt every time he slipped inside the holes in my pantyhose.

“They’re so sexy,” he murmured as he fingered the stockings, almost as if he were talking to himself. “You’re so sexy,” he said, cupping the back of my head with one hand and pulling me down to him for another kiss filled with longing.

As Mitch traced my lips with his tongue, occasionally darting the tip between my teeth to tease me, he kept a hand locked on my leg, where his fingers drew mesmerizing circles against my thigh. I squirmed against him impatiently, feeling his burgeoning erection swelling beneath his slacks. I began to buck and rock against him, seeking some friction for my impatient clit, and Mitch growled deep in his throat as my indecent dance grew more frenzied. I worked quickly to unbutton his shirt and ran my hands along his chest. My sex was aching, and I knew I couldn’t wait much longer to feel his hard cock inside me.

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