Thursday, January 21, 2010

"Sweet & Sublime"

Skirting the Issue KindleViolet Blue wrote a lovely piece for the SF Gate about the varied erotica options available for Kindle readers—including the Pretty Things Press anthologies Kiss My Ass and Skirting the Issue:

After becoming the world's most prolific and favored erotica author, [Alison Tyler's] set out making bite-sized mini-collections and $1.49 explicit erotic Kindle bits—really seeing the medium for what it is and creating iTunes-style, per-song content. It's fabulous, highly recommended, and luckily not a monetary commitment at the $9.99 threshold where most collections are set. Tyler's adults-only Kindle hits are sweet and sublime. Her own Kindle bestseller is "Kiss My Ass" with fellow erotic authoresses Sophia Valenti, Kristina Lloyd, Sommer Marsden, and Alison Tyler ($4.49) and the brand new mini-collection "Skirting the Issue: an erotic collection of schoolgirl skirt kink" by Sommer Marsden, Alison Tyler, and Sophia Valenti.

Bite-sized, sweet and sublime—sounds yummy!

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