Friday, January 15, 2010

Sex, Love & Valentines

Here's a sizzling release from Xcite Press, sure to heat up a dark, cold winter night. Sex, Love & Valentines features twenty ribald tales and includes my story "The Ex Factor," in which a lady goes from being alone to being embroiled in a kinky threeway. Now that's how to celebrate Valentine's Day!

Here's a wee snippet from my story:

“So, whaddya think of Mia?” he asked in a not-so-hushed whisper, picking up one of the glasses and taking a sip of wine—well, more of a gulp, really.

“You’d better watch it, Kevin,” I teased, looked at him from under half-lidded eyes. “You bring such a sweet piece into my place and expect me to keep my hands to myself?”

“Who said you had to keep you hands to yourself?” Mia said slyly. Kevin and I both jumped with surprise. We’d had no idea she’d followed him, but there she was standing in the doorway, looking even more delicious and tempting than she had appeared when I’d first laid eyes on her.

Mia’s body was illuminated from behind by the bright lamplight coming from the living room. Through the thin fabric of her dress, I could see the outline of her plush body and my mouth watered. I found myself transfixed by the glowing light that emanated from between her parted thighs. Mia rested one hand on her cocked hip, while the other dangled at her side. Her head was tilted inquisitively as she awaited a response from either of us, but none came.

Kevin and I were still too startled to speak, so Mia took control of the situation. She sashayed into the kitchen with a feline-like stroll, her hips swaying enticingly and the click-clack of her stilettos on the tile floor mesmerizing me with their sexy Morse code. She looked me up and down in a way that—this time—gave no doubt as to what sort of thoughts she was thinking: They were definitely dirty.

And without further ado, the super-sexy table of contents:

Heart-Shaped Box by Justine Elyot
Exposure by Kat Black
Beer Bottle by Jeremy Edwards
Continuity by Shanna Germain
No Stopping by Landon Dixon
The Stocks by Roger Frank Selby
E620 by Lucy Felthouse
Crush by Primula Bond
A Weekend Retreat by Izzy French
Better Than Chocolate by Amelia Thornton
Dr Charm by J. Manx
Shot to the Heart by Janine Ashbless
Served, on Wheels by Sue Williams
Neighbours by Elizabeth Cage
Dirty Boy by Charlotte Stein
Tongue Craft by Alcamia
Molly’s New Mistress by Lilli Lace
The Ex Factor by Sophia Valenti
Katy Keene, Teen Detective by Lynn Lake
Nightcap by Elizabeth Cage


Alison Tyler said...

Congratulations! Sexy story and delicious cover!!


Sophia Valenti said...

Thanks, Alison!