Sunday, December 27, 2009

Skirting the Issue

Skirting the Issue

Sometimes all it takes to create a super-hot moment is a passing glance or a wicked smile. Other times, a single item of clothing can be the catalyst for hours of dirty fun. Take a tiny plaid skirt, for instance...

In Skirting the Issue—the latest erotic mini-anthology from Pretty Things PressAlison Tyler, Sommer Marsden and I teamed up to delve into the salacious scenarios that swirl around schoolgirl skirts and role-playing. With a kinky schoolroom setting, a hot girl-girl hookup in a nightclub, and a sizzling threeway peppered with naughty spanking, there is sure to be a lust-laden moment that will catch your fancy.

But all those dirty words aside, I'm mesmerized by the sassy cover photo by the super-talented Riendo. How sexy is that pic?

The pdf of Skirting the Issue is up for sale at e-junkie, and the Kindle version will soon follow (Ta-da! There it is. It's like kinky magic!) So if you got a Kindle for Christmas, this e-book would be the perfect way to kink it up!

P.S. If pick you up Skirting the Issue, please let us know what you think! We'd love to hear from you!

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