Sunday, December 13, 2009

Naughty & Nice Gifts

Violet Blue's latest column in the SF Chronicle listed her top sex book choices for 2009.

It was exciting to see so many names of writers whose work I enjoy, like Sommer and Saskia. But even more thrilling was seeing that number one on the list was Alison Tyler's Playing with Fire, which includes my story "Carrying a Torch."

1. Playing With Fire: Taboo Erotica Edited by Alison Tyler.
Topping the list (heh) is the mistress of literary erotica, the bestselling and award-winning Alison Tyler, who not only knows how to write one hell of a dirty story, but puts together collections that become overnight classics packed with mesmerizing, arousing and inspiring stories. "Playing With Fire" is Tyler at her finest, and the stories feature (heterosexual) couples who play with their most daring sexual fantasies, explicitly penned by today's hottest erotic authors. It's not to be missed.

Don't let the subtitle fool you, though. I know for some people "taboo" might imply outrageously perverse sex acts. And while there's plenty of super-hot shenanigans going on in these stories, this book has more to do with the nature of forbidden lust and jealously—and how they can combine to create incendiary moments. So check it out and watch the sparks fly!

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