Saturday, December 5, 2009

Best Lesbian Erotica 2010

I'm so tickled. My contributor's copies of Best Lesbian Erotica 2010 arrived the other day. And now that I'm lazing about on a rainy Saturday, I can read while my cookies are baking. Pignioli cookies, if you were wondering. But I might branch out into chocolate chip, too, if I'm feeling energetic. I'll admit it's an interesting thing to do while reading because my story in this collection, "Sweet Tooth," takes place in a bakery.

I'd post the super-sexy cover, but Photobucket got their panties in a bunch last time because, well, the ladies on the cover are pantiless. So if you want to see the yummy photo by Christine Kessler, you'll have to pop over to Amazon and take a peek.

April 2011 Update: Sweet Tooth is now available as a solo short for e-readers for only 99 cents!

Kindle readers can find Sweet Tooth at It can also be purchased in multiple formats at Smashwords.

Looking for Epub, PDF, Mobipocket, and Microsoft Reader Lit editions? Find them at


ste said...

Congratulations on BLE 2010! Shame you can't show the cover - it's great, as so much of Christine Kessler's work is.

Anyway, I dropped in because I wanted to say how much I enjoyed 'Executive Training' from the 'Kiss My Ass' collection. Very, very hot!

Sophia Valenti said...

Thanks so much, ste! And I'm so pleased you enjoyed "Executive Training." You made my day!

I love the cover photo for BLE. It's so sexy. And I'm with you. Christine's work is just gorgeous!