Friday, November 6, 2009

Pleased & Pleasure Bound

Double thanks are in order: to Alison Tyler, for letting me know about the two thumbs-up review of Pleasure Bound that is up on Erotica Revealed—and to Shanna Germain for finding it in the first place.

Lisabet Sarai writes:

One of the things that I appreciate about Alison Tyler's anthologies is her willingness to explore the darker side of BDSM. Some stories in this volume—Sophia Valenti’s “On the Mend,” Tess Danesi's “Tears of All Kinds,” Stephen Elliott's “Once More Beneath the Exit Sign”—dwell more on the sadism component in the acronym. I don't necessarily prefer stories of really rough sex myself, but I know that they're part of the power spectrum and I applaud Ms. Tyler's discernment in including them in her books.

I am not talking about a lack of consent here. "Mercy isn't in Marc's vocabulary—and for that I'm thankful" begins Ms. Valenti's story. That sums it up. Some people crave a level of pain beyond what I'd seek. For some, real fear is truly arousing. Ms. Tyler recognizes this, unlike some editors who shy away from the darkness and treat BDSM as a kind of game.

Pleasure Bound is another exceptional collection of BDSM fiction—or is it fact?—from a daring and sensitive editor who clearly understands her topic from personal experience.

That's what I love about this book, too, that it delves into the true nature of the BDSM dynamic and explores the many sides of these multi-faceted experiences. So I was thrilled to see it receive such a stellar review.

At first, I'd worried that my piece "On the Mend" was too melancholy, so I'm always pleased when I hear that someone has enjoyed it. So thank you #3 to goes Lisabet—you gave me a smile to go with my coffee!

Speaking of Pleasure Bound, I'm bound for some myself. As soon as I reach my word-count goal for the day—which will happen very shortly—I'm taking off for a long weekend. Though I doubt I'll be strong enough to leave the laptop behind because that's an insanity I can't fathom.


Alison Tyler said...

I love your story in this book! The piece fits in perfectly—and manages to stand out at the same time!


Sophia Valenti said...

Aw, thanks, AT!