Friday, August 21, 2009

Kiss My Ass!

Kiss My Ass
Ooh, what's that I feel? The soft, slow trail of lips drifting across my bare...Where was I? Oh, yes. Ass-kissing. Wait, let's swap that around: Kiss My Ass. That's it!

I'm truly tickled to announce that Kiss My Ass the new e-anthology from Pretty Things Press is now available as a PDF download! I was up late last night reading through the final version—and, wow! It's hot. If tawdry tales of backdoor lovin' set your pulse racing, then this is the book for you!

This sixty-eight page anthology clocks in at about 15,000 red-hot words and contains six sexy stories. There's a little bit of everything in here, from BDSM, spanking and bend-over-boyfriend action to a down-and-dirty guy-on-guy encounter. It's a kinky buffet of anal joy.

For all of you Kindle readers, the Kinky Kindle version will be coming soon, AT just needs to work her special magic and get it posted up on Amazon. What magic is that? I dunno, maybe a little lust and pixie dust!

Working on this book was as wonderful an experience as the SLUT project, and I'm so pleased that I had a chance to work with talented writers such as Alison, Jax Baynard, Kristina Lloyd and Sommer Mardsen. And special thanks to our intrepid publisher Alison for spearheading this ultra-sexy project! I'm toasting you all with a large glass of red wine!

P.S. Kiss My Ass, the Kindle version, has landed at!

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