Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Who do these people think they are?

When I started this flasher, I meant to do something totally different, but these characters hijacked my story. You'd think I could keep them under control; it's only 250 words!

A wee warning, this bit of fiction is a little edgy. Please be careful and safe when you play.

Anyhow, here's my piece, Taking the Lead, from Alison Tyler's recent Leather Lovers contest:

Taking the Lead

The leather belt is soft and supple and he wraps it around my neck, threading the tail end of the strap through the buckle to fashion a leash. I feel the band seemingly tighten under the strain of my nervous swallow.

With a gentle tug, he urges me to bend over until my palms and elbows rest on the desktop. The wood is ungiving and hard against my arms, but I barely notice. My attention is keenly focused on the cool gust of air that puffs against my bare pussy—that teasing angel’s kiss of anticipation before his gloved palm lands on my upturned bottom. His leather-clad hand makes a muffled sound compared to the sharp sizzle of the crop or the snap of the whip, but the feel of flesh on flesh is mesmerizing to me.

He wraps the leash around his other hand, gently coaxing my head back and keeping my body taut as his hand lands on my ass again and again. My lips part in a silent groan as I feel the fire from my bottom spread throughout my sex. I raise my hips as much as I can to meet each sharp caress.

He can’t deny himself any longer. He drops the end of the belt, and it lands near my face. As he takes me from behind, I trace my tongue along the leather—tasting it and savoring its scent as his insistent thrusts take me over the edge.

Personally, I loved Joss Lockwood's Hood Ornament. If you haven't read it, take a peek at the entries on Alison's site!


joss lockwood said...

Thanks for the mention - glad you liked it! :)

Sophia said...

You're a grade-A flasher, Joss! I thought it was great!