Monday, April 6, 2009

Rise and Shine

Here's my little entry for Alison Tyler's "erotica * crafts * eavesdropping * dessert" contest. Stop by her site and read the other yummy stories.

Rise and Shine

All night long I heard the sounds of the neighbors: squeaking bedsprings, a slamming headboard, flesh slapping against flesh, and then their blissful moans as they crested together.

As dawn broke, I counted the seconds until my man came in from working the night shift. I wanted what they'd had, and I pounced on him as soon as he entered the room.

Everything was at the ready, and he gladly gave in to my whims. I took strips of fabric that hadn't yet been woven into the unfinished rug and wrapped them around his wrists and ankles, binding him tight to the bedposts. I stroked his cock teasingly, and he raised his hips upward as he searched for more. I wanted to make it last, though—and I wanted an even sweeter treat. I picked up a bottle of chocolate syrup and drizzled the sticky liquid along his shaft. His laugh turned into a groan as I licked up the trail, dragging my tongue up and down his cock.

Before long, I was the one who couldn't wait. I swooped down, taking him all the way down my throat, my lips sticky and sweet. I lapped and sucked until I felt his shaft pulse against my tongue. He came with a groan, but that wasn't the end. The day had just begun.

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