Tuesday, March 10, 2009

All Fired Up

Can't wait to get my hot little hands on a copy of Alison Tyler's Playing with Fire! I'm so pleased that my story "Carrying a Torch" is in the company of those written by such red-hot writers:

Lucifer and Venus by Nikki Magennis
Fire Woman by Sommer Marsden
White Heat, White Light by Shanna Germain
Carrying a Torch by Sophia Valenti
Out of the Frying Pan by P.S. Haven
Three on a Match by Jeremy Edwards
One Hundred Degrees in the Shade by Teresa Noelle Roberts
Burned by Michael Hemmingson
One Hot Slut by N.T. Morley
Trial By Fire by Bella Dean
Where There’s Smoke by Kristina Wright
Texas Hot by ADR Forte
Flick that BiC by J.D. Waters
The Salsa Bar by Jolene Hui
Fanning the Flames by Andrea Dale
On a Hot Tin Roof by I. K. Velasco
Hot Off the Press by Thomas S. Roche
Scorched by Janine Ashbless
The Last Cigarette by Heidi Champa
Some Like it Hot by Alison Tyler
Fire Boy by Christopher Tolian
Just Add Water by M. Murphy

And Alison certainly knows how to spark my interest. Stop by and visit her new book blog. No doubt it will be the sexiest fireside chat you've ever heard.


Jeremy Edwards said...

Hi, Sophia! Your story in Playing with Fire really grabbed me. The situation is so erotically compelling, and the narrative moves with such a riveting pulse of luscious detail after luscious detail.

Sophia said...

Thanks for the kind words, Jeremy!

I just picked up my copies from the mailbox! I can't wait to dive in. It's the perfect book to heat up such a cool day.

Seriously, this is the first day of Spring? Brrr...