Sunday, October 12, 2008

Gonna Grab Some...

afternoon delight
Wow! I'm beyond thrilled that my story "Chloe's Confession" is going to appear in Alison Tyler's Afternoon Delight. It's a fun little piece that features two of my favorite things: panties and spanking! Here's the awesome line-up for this collection, due out in March 2009:

After Midnight by Nikki Magennis
Early Birds by Rachel Kramer Bussel
Breakfast in Bed by Andrea Dale
Country Pleasures by Teresa Noelle Roberts
Forbidden Fruit by Ric Amadeus
Nooner by Bella Dean
Afternoon Delight EllaRegina
Chloe’s Confession by Sophia Valenti
Back When by A. Silenus
Popsicle in the Library by Zaedryn Meade
Morning, Noon, and Night by Alison Tyler
Welcome to the Neighborhood by Ariel Graham
Disco Queen by Sommer Marsden
StraightLaced by ADR Forte
To Feel Sexy by Jordana Winters
On Island Time by Kristina Wright
View of a Room Jason McFadden
Date at South Station by Xavier Acton
Knit One, Purl Two by Jacqueline Applebee
Matinee by Quinn Gabriel
Black Light by N.T. Morley
Night Shift by Rita Winchester
Square Loophole by Craig J. Sorensen
The Awakening by Jayne Pupek

How delightful!

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